Fitting Instructions

It’s simple to fit the canopy to your F550 Flamewheel or F450 multirotor

Step 1
Cut out the canopy at the base using some small scissors, a craft knife or a rotary tool. Be careful and watch those fingers!

Step 2
Place the canopy onto your multi-copter and mark the inside of the arches to be trimmed. Remove and trim the arches.

Step 3
There are a few ways to mount your canopy. You can fix to your top plate with velcro orĀ  adhesive backed foam from the inside.

You can drill holes too if you wish to mount them with the existing base plate screws. To make sure that the holes are perfectly aligned, place your top plate inside the canopy and drill through the holes from the inside. Use a small washer on each screw when you fix.

Step 4
Make sure everything is secure and you are ready to go fly.