Clover Leaf Antennas


Clover Leaf Antennas for FPV – 5.8Ghz High Quality Audio Video Tx / Rx.

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Pair of 5.8Ghz Clover Leaf Antennas for FPV

  • High Quality Audio Video Tx / Rx Antennas
  • Flexible design Bend in any direction
  • Frequency: 5.8 Ghz
  • Gain: 4.5 DB
  • SWR: ≤1.5

These 5.8GHz 4 leaf polarized antenna set are a great way to increase the performance of your FPV system.

The circular polarization helps reject “multi-path interference”, a common problem with standard dipole stock antennas.

Proven to increase range and video clarity, circular polarized antennas have become the standard after-market ‘essential’ upgrade for modern FPV systems. This is a matched Tx & RX pair for direct installation to any FPV set with RP-SMA connectors.

Each antenna has extra reinforcement around the base of the clover leaf assembly making them less susceptible to damage. A flexible stem helps for perfect positioning and this antenna set also features plastic housing around the antenna to help make it crash resistant.

If you’re starting to feel the limitations of your 5.8 GHz system this antenna set can breathe new life into your FPV gear. .


Specially designed for VTX / RX for long range FPV
Omni directional (compatible with video TX / RX)
Robust construction


Frequency Range: 5725~5875ghz
SWR: <1.5
Gain: 4.5dbi
Connector: RP-SMA
Color: Red
Dimensions: 86 x 29mm
Polarization: Omnibearing
Weight: 5g